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Thank you for visiting my site. I hope this will give you a good introduction to me and what I do.
I have been a Spiritual :ife Coach for about ten years. I am a wife, a mother and live by example, helping anyone who wishes to make changes in their lives to get into the well-being state, which we call your Golden Flow. I look forward to any connection with you and I wish you all the well-being your Source has for you~

Love & Light,

From this page you may link to any of my sites:

My blog at http://kalynraphael.com/blog/

The Golden Flow(TM) System at http://golden-flow-system.com tA system of accelerated enlightenment, abundance & well-being

The Toltec Mystery School at http://toltecmysteryschool.com/ encorporating ancient Toltec teachings, such as the teachings of Carlos Castaneda & don Miguel Ruiz (for whom Kalyn is a certificated teacher in his lineague) 

The Oracle at http://oraclelight.com/ to learn more about The Oracle, a divine collective of energy beings helping people improve their lives and rais their energy.

About Kalyn

Kalyn has been working as a spiritual guide or coach for nearly 10 years leading workshops, journeys, classes, giving one-on-one sessions and is a published author.

Kalyn herself began her spiritual path at the age of 25. Discovering a deep passion within herself to pursue her path, she has since had her spiritual and personal growth as her number one priority in life.

Kalyn has worked with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling The Four Agreements, and earned a certification as a teacher of his ten years ago. She also worked with lesser known teachers, similar to Abraham, who worked one-on-one with her and with her husband Kris to help them make the most movement possible. 

Kalyn is accustomed to working with and in the world of energy, as she was taught. She navigates Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction, and other significant laws such as The Laws of Self, every day in her own life and when working with students and participants. Students apprecaite working with Kalyn because they know that she genuinly cares for them and seeks to help them improve their lives, which they experience as a result of their work with her.

Kalyn works with her husband, Kristopher, and together they founded The Toltec Mystery School, based on esoteric Toltec teachings and The Golden Flow(TM) system to help anyone get into their flowing state of well-being. Two of Kalyn's favorite topics are manifesting and working with women. As such, Kalyn offers a transformatie class on Manifesting and also offers women's workshops.

Together they produce classes, workshops, vidoes and journeys. To contact Kalyn or Kristopher or to learn about how to work with them, you can contact them through any website, including Kalyn's blog.

Coach of Coaches

Kalyn specializes in assisting coaches improve their practice and has begun training coaches in the Golden Flow System™. Whether people are looking to become coaches or are looking to improve any arena of their lives Kalyn’s extensive experience, clarity and wisdom allow her to help even the most accomplished coaches.

To learn about Kalyn's coaching, please visit http://golden-flow-system.com/coaches/golden-flow-life-coaches/kalyn-raphael

About Kalyn's Jewelry Art
Kalyn is a Canyon-Road jewelry artist showing her work in Elysee gallery, Santa Fe. Kalyn creates unique, fine-silver pieces which she combines with semi-precious stones as well as creating beautiful pieces with raw diamonds.

Kalyn's Jewelry Art

Kalyn's Books
Available through Amazon.com

Published books: 

Seek Your Soul - a year-long journal to help you increase your connection to your Source Energy.

Manifesting Abundance - A workbook walking you though universal laws to increase your ability to manifest abundance. Workbook provides lessons and excercises.

Life Purpose - A workbook to help seekers find their life purpose. Workbook provides lessons and excersises.

Informational Videos:  Please follow the link below